Power. Speed. Reliability.

Who We Are

A personable provider

We are a small team based in Durban, South Africa providing personalized service to your dedicated Servers and VPS systems. This keeps us nimble, and if you need to contact us, we'll be familiar to you.

Providing consistent uptime, the best hardware in it's class, and 24/7 service, let us help you bring your work to completion, with ease.

Our Services

The Best for The Best

We meet the industry standard of having the best hardwar. That way you can do your best work.

Network Speed

All servers and VPS systems have access to 1GBps speeds, with 1TB of transfer.


All dedicated servers pack the latest SSD storage solutions. Paired with top of class Intel processors, and IPMI access, you have a powerful combination of computation and control.


We maintain an uptime of 99%, ensuring that your services are not impacted, least of all when you can't afford them to be.

Contact Us

We're expanding operations, and orders will be available soon. Please feel free to reach out with questions.


3 Wimble Close, Durban NZW 4420 South Africa

Email Address

[email protected]